Bus Conduct, Guidelines and Rules

     Bus Transportation Policy and Guidelines

Students are expected to conduct themselves on school buses in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior.

The school principal may suspend or revoke the riding privileges of students and/or take other disciplinary actions for students who are disciplinary problems on the bus. Parents (or guardians) of children whose behavior and misconduct on school buses violates the Student Code of Conduct or otherwise endangers the health, safety, and welfare of other riders shall be notified that their child/children face the loss of school bus riding privileges and/or other disciplinary actions.

If a student’s riding privileges are suspended or revoked, the student’s parents are responsible for seeing that the student gets to and from school safely.

The bus driver is responsible for maintaining the orderly behavior of students on school buses and shall report misconduct to the student’s principal and provide a copy of the report to the transportation office.

The Board of Education may furnish transportation to resident students enrolled in the schools of the division who satisfy the following requirements:

    Reside within the attendance area of the school (s) served;Reside beyond approved walking distance;Are present at authorized points for student pick-up at the designated time; andComply with division standards and regulations in their conduct and behavior.

    In the interest of the safety and welfare of school bus passengers, the Board of Education desires the Superintendent of schools and his/her designees to establish and enforce strict school bus discipline and safety regulations. Students who do not conform to all regulations and directives concerning discipline, safety and conduct or whose behavior could be detrimental to the safety or welfare of others or the safe operation of the bus may have their bus riding privileges revoked in accordance with this policy. More Bus, transportation, information is available in the Wise County Code of Conduct Document.

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