Guidance Services Described

Guidance Services

An Integral Part of School


Guidance Office Phone Number 276-321-0473

Guidance services at Central High School are an integral part of the total school program, offering assistance in the areas of educational planning, career choice, and interpersonal relationships. Guidance and counseling services are available throughout the day to all students, parents, teachers, dropouts, post-graduates, referral resources, and local employers.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program is available in the high school setting. The goal of the program is to identify students who may need help developing healthy coping skills, making positive lifestyle choices, and avoiding problems related to substance abuse and violence. Students are referred for SAP services by administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, parents and friends. Students may also refer themselves.

Identified students will be less likely to repeat negative behaviors and will be more likely to complete school and have a positive school experience. SAP counselors provide students with information and resources that educate them about appropriate behaviors and consequences due to substance abuse and inappropriate behavior. The SAP counselors serve as an additional support system for the students and provide individual counseling services in a confidential setting. With parent permission, SAP counselors may also refer students to outside agencies for more intensive assistance when needed.

SAP counselors for Wise County Public Schools may be contacted at 328-8017


The Guidance Department of Central High School is designed by the students, parents, teachers, and administrators to help each student in developing better self knowledge and self-discipline in order to define and attain his/her educational and vocational goals to the highest degree that is consistent with his/her abilities.

The Guidance Department of Central High School plays an important role in the total educational process of each student.

Students, parents, and teachers are invited and encouraged to make use of its services.

The counselor functions to supplement the work of the classroom teachers in the guidance of students. The following are some general counselor functions:

Individual Conferences

Group Sessions

Career conferences with outside speakers

Test interpretation

Distribution of very helpful educational information

Maintenance of a library of hooks and pamphlets for career opportunities and college catalogues

Assistance to teachers, administrators, school health specialists, and local agencies on school-related problems


A Student Assistance Program Counselor (S. A. P.) visits the school regularly.

A psychologist is available by request for consultation to assist parents and teachers to better evaluate, understand, and meet the needs of students.

A speech and hearing resource teacher is available to work with students attending Central High School.

If you have questions about receiving these services, please contact a guidance counselor.


Central High School has tutoring services for all students. When scheduled, a link to the CHS Fall and Spring Tutoring schedules will be posted on the Announcements page of this web site. Teachers also post their own tutoring schedules beside their door. Teachers are usually available between 8:00 am and 8:25 am for additional tutoring.

In addition, any student desiring the services of a tutor in any subject being taken may request such services through the Guidance Department. A request signed by the parent is required. Tutors will be assigned as available based on the following:

Regarding class schedules and career track decisions

Based on available funding, school resources, and personnel, courses listed in this section are subject to change.

Based on any of the above mentioned criteria, when preparing a class schedule, the Guidance Counselor will ultimately be the final advisor for the student


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