Nurse at Central High School

The Central High School Nurse

Nurse - A nurse is on campus to monitor medication and evaluate student health needs.

Serious Injury or Illness

  1. In case of serious injury or illness, the immediate concern is to provide aid to the person.

  2. The principal or his designee shall be contacted immediately.

  3. Attempts shall then be made to contact the parent or legal guardian.

  4. If available, we shall obtain the assistance of a qualified first aid or C. P. R. person.

  5. The first aid person and principal shall then determine the seriousness of the injury.

  6. Based on the determination of the principal, first aid person, and parent, the injured student may be taken to the hospital.

Procedures For Transporting Sick Or Injured

Depending on the seriousness of the injury, one of the following procedures may be used to transport the injured to the hospital:

  1. Parents - The parent will come to school and transport the injured in a personal car.

  2. Teacher/Administrator/Health Aide- After confirming with the parent, administrator, and teacher health aide may transport the injured to the hospital.

  3. The parent shall be told the nature of the injury or illness and asked to which hospital he/she would like his/her child be taken.

  4. Rescue Service - The principal may obtain the services of a rescue squad.

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